Academic Research Study 2024

Birkbeck and NiB Academic Research Study 2024

Birkbeck, University of London and Neurodiversity in Business (NiB) are recruiting survey participants for our second research report on neuroinclusion practice at work, following our informative report launched in 2023.

This year, we want to hear from:

  1. Employee representatives interested in neuroinclusion – so typically working in roles such as HR, Inclusion and Diversity, Occupational Health and so on.
  2. People who are currently in work (rather than people currently out of work or in between roles).
  3. People who are work colleagues to neurodivergent workers – a new angle this year, so if you know of at least one person in your team/ at your work how identifies as neurodivergent.

This research project looks at how employers, employees and co-workers experience their work and careers, and any gaps in supply and demand. This study will be completed by end of March 2024, we will present preliminary findings at the NiB conference on the 16 April, and launch the full report at the end of May 2024.

To take part, you can access an online questionnaire that has been co-developed with employees, including people with lived experience, employers as well as specialists in survey design.

Please access the survey here.

Please note that:

You will be asked if you are over 18, currently working, identify as neurodivergent OR work with someone who identifies as such OR are the representative of an employer.

We will be asking you to voluntarily indicate demographic data, such as your gender identification and racial identification. This is because it is very important to neurodivergent communities that the responses reflect different perspectives.

You are under no obligation to take part.

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The survey then takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. All data will be anonymised and Birkbeck is committed to ensuring that your personal data is processed in line with GPDR and DPA 2018. You are welcome to contact the lead researcher Almuth McDowall at before making any decision to take part.

The research team will focus their report on implications for practice, so employees and employers will benefit from the findings. By taking part, you benefit neurodivergent communities as work experiences remain under-researched.

All data will be anonymised, as we are interested in general trends in the data, which will only be accessed by the research team.

We thank you for your interest.

If you would like further support about neurodiversity at work, please contact NiB at 

Thank you to our research sponsors, Rolls Royce and Sage, for their support.