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Welcome to NiB (Neurodiversity in Business). We are a business forum and industry group for organisations to share industry good practice on ND recruitment, retention and empowerment. We want to support businesses in building a better workplace for Neurodivergent employees, access Neurodivergent talent and support Neurodivergent people to navigate independent, fulfilling careers. We currently count many of the UK’s leading employers among our members and are supported by leading thinkers in Neurodiversity. 
NiB is a voluntary forum, with no membership fees. Our aim is to work collaboratively with our members to improve conditions for Neurodivergent people in employment.

Ultimately, NiB's goal is to improve the working lives of neurodivergent people, helping to unlock the unique and innovative contribution they can bring to the business world and society

Who we are

Voluntary Industry Body

NiB is a voluntary forum. We are not seeking costly corporate relationships.

ND Advocacy and Expert Groups

We will utilise our network of experts and organisations, bringing the best to our membership.

Existing ND Groups

NiB will continue to collaborate and support some of the great ND awareness and advocacy groups operating in the ecosystem.

We will support


Create awareness as to the benefits and strengths of neurodiversity in the workplace.

The Neurodivergent

Empowerment, recognition, help and guidance to navigate a successful, happy and independent career path.

The Neurotypical

To have a better understanding and facilitate allyship and respect with neurodivergent colleagues.